2014 Season: An “Improved” Schedule for Sun Devil Football
Mike Howell
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January 8, 2014 8:22 PM
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Earlier, we posted the newly released Pac-12 Football Schedule. Here’s some notes for Sun Devil fans about Arizona State’s 2014 season.

The most significant change is that the second half of the schedule is the most loaded. In 2013 it was the opposite.

Part of this change has to do with the difference in the timing of ASU’s bye weeks. Their first bye comes after three games which is Week 4. Compare that to 2013 when ASU had a bye in Week 1, which doesn’t really qualify as a “break.” Essentially, the Sun Devils played eight consecutive games to start their season which included their four-game gauntlet against Wisconsin, Stanford, USC and Notre Dame. That’s right, it wasn’t until after ASU defeated Washington on October 19 that they had a true week off.

In 2014, the Sun Devils get their second bye in Week 7. That means that their two contests with the LA schools (SC and UCLA) are bookmarked between bye weeks. Then the Devils play their final seven games in consecutive weeks, which doesn’t include the Pac-12 Championship Game if ASU earns its spot. Ideally, ASU would have had their second bye in week 10 to split their remaining games.

In the end when putting the schedules side-by-side, 2014 is a little friendlier to ASU. And we’ll be there every step of the way.

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