ASU Football 3-Stripe Life /// First Look at New Uniforms for Texas Tech Game
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By Jeff Alba - DieHard-Apparel,
September 8, 2016 12:56 PM

Texas Tech Game Helmets

2016 ///

Jerry Neilly and the Sun Devil Equipment team have been plotting and scheming since the spring to deliver some fresh uniform concepts this year, and they have a few surprises up their sleeve.

Will we see another Pat Tillman-inspired uniform this year? Will Sparky be making a helmet appearance this season? Will we see any new uniform combos that we haven’t seen yet? Does ASU have something special planned for the Territorial Cup? Stay tuned to for insight and answers to all of these questions as the season progresses, because there is some exciting stuff in the 2016 pipeline.

Game 1

As expected, ASU Football went with traditional maroon and gold for Game 1 last week, a 44-13 victory over NAU. In a day of constant uniform innovations, ASU upholds a proper tradition for opening home games by wearing the original gold-maroon-gold colors which the team has worn for decades.

New Game – New Look

Heading into week two against Texas Tech, Sun Devil Football will break tradition a bit. Remember the white/black/white combination which ASU wore against Navy in the 2012 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl? Sun Devil Equipment and Adidas have updated that look for Saturday night.


2012 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, ASU 62 – Navy 24.

Down to the Stitch



The white helmets that ASU wore in 2012 have been brought up to speed in 2016. They now feature ASU’s enlarged black pitchfork will a bold Sun Devil Gold outline. This design, which includes the player number on the opposite side of the helmet has become a trademark look for ASU these past three seasons. Mix in the black facemask and the alternate helmet style is complete.

The black jerseys are always a winner with ASU’s fan base, and the new Adidas version presents a cleaner look. Gone are the “ASU” letters on the sleeves to give the shoulder a more simplified and streamlined look.

As compared to Nike, ASU’s black jersey from Adidas uses solid gold numbers outlined with maroon. This is different from ASU’s black jerseys from Nike which featured a gold-to-white “white hot” gradient look. The new solid gold numbers have a much bolder and visible look which flows better with the overall combo. 

ASU Battle Gear, Compliments of @ProducerWes

Last but not least, the white pants will feature the large black and gold pitchfork on the left pant leg. In this case, the bigger and bolder the pitchfork, the better it looks. It plays into the large pitchfork on the helmet and screams Sun Devil Pride.

Each player can choose a few custom details to make the uniform their own. This includes their choice of black or white gloves, black or white arm sleeves, and different colored wristbands.



There you have it, DieHard Sun Devils. You can visualize what this squad will look like roaring out of Tillman Tunnel to square up with Texas Tech.   

For the night to be a success, ASU’s defense must be at their best against the high-scoring Texas Tech Air-Raid attack. On offense, QB Manny Wilkins needs to ignite the explosive athletes around him, putting each in a position to score and score often. After all, the over/under in what is expected to be a Sun Devil/ Red Raider matchup is currently 79.5 points.

And one more thing… Sun Devil fans wear GOLD on Saturday (but it’s OK to mix in a little black). #BeatTech


DieHard Extra

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James Harden

James Harden

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