A Few Words by Baby Beast Mode and Others at Sun Devil Football Media Day
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August 9, 2015 4:06 PM

Tap your buddy and say, “Watch this,” … because something exciting is going to happen.

DHD sat down with four players, each of which will play important roles this season: Tashan Smallwood, Demario Richard, Ellis Jefferson and Lloyd Carrington. Here’s what they had to say.


Tashan Smallwood, So. – DL

Based on your perception of the program and Arizona State during the recruiting process, how has your actual experience compared?

I visited many schools, and all of them preached similar things. But with ASU, I knew they were really about what they were preaching about. Even once I got here, I couldn’t have been prepared for how strong the brotherhood is. Everything that coach Graham preached is exactly what the identity is of this team. Everyone takes it on.  

Has that helped you as an individual?

Definitely. It helped me mature quickly. They needed me to perform last year as a true freshman. It was tough in the beginning, but as the practices and the games went on, I think it played a role in quickly building my maturity.

Do you have a message for the fans?

Expect to see a great Sun Devil brotherhood. Expect to get the best out of every player– offense, defense and special teams.

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Tashan Smallwood, So. – DL

Demario Richard, So. – RB

How have you developed as a person since you arrived at ASU?

I feel like after the 2014 season, I started to get my mental maturity right. Going through the winter then spring ball and summer camp, along with the strength and conditioning with Coach Griz (Shawn Griswold), I feel more mentally mature and physically prepared for anything they throw at me.

Who’s the funniest guy in your the RB group?

Probably me (laughing). Me or Nick Ralston.

How do you feel about the nickname, Baby Beast Mode?

That was my twitter handle right up until our bowl game. But it just stuck. Someone just tweeted out a picture of me and Marshan Lynch. I thought that was pretty cool.

What kind of points do you think this team is capable of putting up this year?

45 plus. Maybe even 50.

Do you have a message to the fans?

Quote this. My message to the fans would be, “Watch this.” There’s going to be something exciting happening all the time on offense and defense. We have so many weapons. When you sit down, just tap your buddy and say, “watch this!,” because something’s about to happen. Something exciting is going to happen.


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Demario Richard, So. – RB

Ellis Jefferson, RSo. – Receiver

Did the recruiting process prepare you for what to expect at ASU?

It was clear to me when I was being recruited that this was going to be a grind. Nothing was going to be easy. I came in with that mindset, and it has really helped me progress because that’s what it takes to be great. I talk with Jaelen (Strong) and he tells me, “You know what. Everything they’re telling me in the league is the same thing that Coach Graham has been teaching us.”

Has do you think you have developed?

Coach Graham has really affected me as a person. The people I live with (D.J. Foster, Mike Bercovici and Jordan Simone), they’re living life right. It’s something Coach Graham talks about. I’m going to pass this down to the younger guys coming in.

Aside from your roommates, who’s another good friend of yours on the team?

Manny Wilkins and I are really good friends. He comes over and hangs out at our place. He’s always looking to learn from Berco, going through coverages and watching film with us. Manny is living the right life as well. He’s definitely a leader.

Version 2

Ellis Jefferson, RSo. – Receiver

Lloyd Carrington, DB – RSr.

OK, some important stuff: Who’s the funniest guy in the DB group?

Solomon Means. You’d never know it. He’s just sneaky.

What music do you listen to before games?

Future, Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Drake and J. Cole.

Do you have any personal goals this year?

My goals are the teams goals. That’s all I’m concerned about. I play for my brothers who are alongside me in battle, my family and all the people who have sacrificed for me to be here. I want to enjoy this moment, my last year in college. It’s the greatest time in my life.

Message for Sun Devil Nation?

Be ready. We’re out here putting in the work, and our expectations are very high.

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