Are you a DieHard Sun Devil? Why? Part l
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March 31, 2016 12:50 PM

Above all, we focus on what it means to be a Sun Devil

Today marks the 5-Year anniversary of DieHard Devil.

Although the vision for DHD developed organically over several years, it became real when we gave it a name on March 31, 2011.

In the time since, DieHard Devil has become one of many influential voices within Sun Devil Nation. What stories matter… who to know… what to know… what to anticipate… what to celebrate; we focus on all of these. But above all, we focus on what it means to be a Sun Devil.




Through ups and downs, trials and tribulations, victory and defeat, it’s the strength & support of Sun Devil Nation which remains constant. 

What exactly is a DieHard Sun Devil? It’s your answer that matters most. So we asked the question.

You answered.



It makes me proud to be a Sun Devil every single day of my life.

Becoming a Sun Devil was a long-time coming. I grew up in an ASU household where the school down south was the nastiest of nasty and not allowed to be said.

Getting the acceptance letter in the mail was an extremely proud day. Years of throwing pitchforks, wearing my maroon and gold, and flying my ASU flags high and proud finally paid off.

Being a Sun Devil means family. It comes with the thrill of tradition and community. No matter where I am, the colors run deep, and it makes me proud to be a Sun Devil every single day of my life.

Go Devils!

Kyle Kuo



Being a Sun Devil everyday means supporting our school through academics, athletics and reputation.

I was the second Devil in my family to graduate from ASU. My fiancé just graduated in December, and my niece graduates this May. Our love for ASU grows with our ability to help in anyway we can.

We help athletics with season tickets to three different sports. I also have an endowment fund set up to help ASU with future cost of tuition, books, etc for student athletes. Lastly I help recruit future Sun Devils. Whether its my nephew age 14 or random people I meet on my travels, I always recommend ASU for their (or their children’s) education.

That’s a DieHard Sun Devil…if you have a passion for ASU its hard to contain.

Abel Arriaga



ASU has the right idea about what higher education should be

This past year was my first year being a DieHard Sun Devil which I became the instant my son got accepted to ASU and chose to go there. I quickly became one of the school’s biggest fans, literally following every sport, men’s and women’s. But what makes me the most committed to this school is not just the sports but what I learned about the school and its mission.

ASU has the right idea about what higher education should be. I don’t just root for the sports teams, I root for the academic departments and anyone associated.

I live in L.A., but we fly the ASU flag and take pride in making sure that Trojans and Bruins know ASU is repped here.

Ironically, many years ago I came close to deciding to attend ASU, but chose the University of Texas in Austin. I love the fact that, many years later, that destiny has been fulfilled by my children. Next year I will have two kids on campus, as my daughter will be going there too! So Double Forks Up!

— Earnest Harris, @earnestharris on Twitter



I’m a die-hard Sun-Devil because I feel that without my experiences at Arizona State, I would have never pushed enough out of my comfort zones to grow to where I am now, both personally and professionally. ASU helped guide my future path, and it still has a daily positive effect on my life.

Chuck Emerson



Just tonight, my dad gave me the 1987 Rose Bowl shirt that I bought for my grandma

I am definitely a Die Hard Devil. My life as a Sun Devil began when I was around 5. I was at my paternal grandma’s house one November Saturday night. She was watching a football game. I asked her who we wanted to win. Diplomatically, she told me that ASU was playing Arizona and that she wanted ASU to win. However since my aunt (mom’s side & not a sports person) had gone to Arizona, I could choose either team.

The next words I spoke defined my life more than I could imagine at age 5. I said, “I am going to like ASU.” Like them is an understatement! The next year, I asked my grandpa and my dad if I could go to a football game. My dad was convinced I would get bored, and he was about to say, “no,” when my grandpa told my dad that I could go with him and my grandma, and he would keep me occupied if I got bored.

I fell in love. My grandpa patiently explained the game, and I became a Die Hard right then and there. In fact, until the re-seat this year, I have been sitting in the seats my grandpa and I picked out together. I haven’t missed a home game since 1978 (when my parents made me go camping).

No matter what else has happened in my life, when the Sun Devils take the field in Sun Devil Stadium, I am there. Everyone who knows me knows I love my Sun Devils!

My grandpa passed away in 1993, and my grandma just passed away this December. Just tonight, my dad gave me the 1987 Rose Bowl shirt that I bought for my grandma that season. She kept it with her all these years.

The Sun Devils are much more to me than just a team. They are a part of my family’s history and tradition, and they are a huge part of me.  

Go Devils!!

Virginia (Day) Lynch ‘90
100% Die Hard Devil



Devil for Life, Brandon Magee (2008-2012)

Devil for Life, Brandon Magee (2008-2012)

There’s way too much I can say about how I am a die hard Devil. The best way to put it is that it was one of the best decisions of my life to become a Sun Devil! I gave it my all on and off the field, not only for my teammates but for ASU fans all over the world!

To sum everything up, I’m grateful to be a part of Sun Devil nation and being able to represent the university everyday!

Brandon Magee





Grew up loving the Devils, thru HS, College and Now! The school, fans and Alumni are hands down the best to be around. Thru good times as well as the bad, love my ASU Sun Devils. Very proud to be a fan and will be til I die! Bleed Maroon and Gold baby.

Freddie Baca



The next 4 years were the best years of my life

Yes! I am a Die Hard Devil. I was visiting Phoenix in ’86. It was 117* during the summer solstice, and the first moment I set foot on campus, I had a feeling. “THIS is the place I belong.”

I applied to ASU within 24 hrs of arriving, then packed my belongings and relocated to Tempe the following December. The next 4 years were the best years of my life.

I ended up back on the east coast for work several years later, but I still make it to 2 – 3 football games a year, including a road game. Every time there is a Sun Devil team within a 3-hour drive, I’m there supporting the Maroon and Gold!

I feel that all Sun Devils have a connection that runs deep through our Die Hard love for everything ASU.

You can find me on Twitter @SunDevilDanno. Give ’em hell Devils!

Danno Clark, Class of ’91


DEVIL ROCK STARS  Doug Stinton (aka Mariachi Tillman), Danno Clark and Shaun Bainbridge

DEVIL ROCK STARS: Doug Stinton (aka Mariachi Tillman), Danno Clark and Shaun Bainbridge




Sparky let me know that my Make A Wish to go the Super Bowl was being granted.

What makes me a Die Hard Sun Devil? Well, when I was 6 years old I went to my first Sun Devil football game with my grandparents who has had season tickets since 1977. I had so much fun!

As I got older I always wanted to go to every game so they got me my own season ticket. I never miss a game! I have a serious medical condition, and there have been times where I was still in the hospital on game day. My Mom would convince my Dr.’s to let me leave to go to a game.

Another time when there was no way I could leave the hospital to go to a game, I was so sad. Sparky actually came to the hospital the day after the game and wrote me a note that said the win the night before had been for me!

The ASU team and all of the fans really feel like part of my family.

The best moment of all as a Die Hard Devil was when I got called down onto the field during the Washington State game in 2015. Sparky let me know that my Make A Wish to go the Super Bowl was being granted. All of my Sun Devil family cheered for me, and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love and support!

Go Devils!!!

Emily Kruger




Am I a Die hard Sun Devil?

4th quarter at USC my junior year. The USC running back breaks through the offensive line and cuts right. I dive to tackle him, and I land on my thumb in an awkward position. I know I cracked the bone in my thumb for a second time in the season.

I get up frustrated, regain my composure, and go to the sideline. Our offense goes down and scores quickly! I know we got a chance!

In the back of my mind, I remember when I was younger, listening to my dad talk about how Sun Devils never quit (that and the occasional “GOOOO DEVVVVIILLLLS!!) always stuck with me.

We (the Defense) went back out there, got a 3 and out, and the rest is JAEL MARY HISTORY!!

I’ve been a Sun Devil since I was a baby, and I’ll be a Sun Devil until forever!

Jordan Simone


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