University Colors: How Long Have the Arizona State Shades Been Maroon and Gold?
Brad Hall
By Brad Hall,
April 22, 2015 2:49 PM
Arizona State Football, 1974

1974 Arizona State Football dawns the Maroon & Gold

If you’re a true Sun Devil, you bleed Maroon and Gold. And if you know the history of Arizona State University, you know that ASU has only been the Sun Devils since 1946, when it was Arizona State College.

Before that, when it was the Tempe Teacher’s College, they were the Bulldogs (after Pete the Bulldog), and before that, the Normals. Really. At the time the school was called the Tempe Normal School. A Normal School was an old-fashioned name for a teaching school, that taught teaching *norms*.

So, while the name of the school has changed, along with the mascots (which originally was an owl), the school colors have been Maroon and Gold since 1898. It started a couple of years before that with just gold (which makes sense, because of the golden sunshine and the actual gold mines in Arizona) and since then white, and even black, have been added, but the main colors are Maroon and Gold.

So whether you’re a Normal (graduating between 1885 and 1921), or a Bulldog (1922 to 1945) or a Sun Devil (1946 to forever), you bleed Maroon and Gold!

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