Arizona State Student’s Infiltrate NBC’s “Today Show”
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October 23, 2013 6:49 PM
Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer

New York, NY – This morning, Sun Devil Nation got a little boost of notoriety by some ASU undergrads.

NBC’s The Today Show did a segment about ASU students who posted an instagram video then tweeted it to The Today Show. Senior’s Torunn Sinclair and Kari Osep had written to Matt Lauer to check out a floor at their dorm, ASU’s Taylor Place, that the students had decorated and dedicated to the show.

Lauer tweeted back, “Love the greeting. Go ASU.”

At that point, the Twittersphere lit up with ASU fans posting about the story, stirring some national press for the Maroon & Gold. They created enough buzz to get the show’s attention, so much so that NBC sent a TV crew and reporter to Taylor Place, home to ASU Journalism students in downtown Phoenix, to talk to the students behind the social media blitz. The producers were well aware that the Cronkite School uses the show as a teaching tool.

Who's under the Sparky mask?

Who’s under the Sparky mask?

As you’ll see in the video, they rallied a ton of journalism students who were going crazy as they were filmed live. The ASU students also got a surprise visit from Al Roker who showed up disguised in a Sparky mask.

Here’s a funny part from the transcript:

“Now this story is not without a bit of controversy. As you all know, Savannah (the reporting anchor) went to the University of Arizona.”

Savannah: “I love ASU. Of course I love University of Arizona. Let me ask you, do you think you could bring this down south for the Wildcats. Why don’t we get it going here for the whole state?”

The otherwise boisterous group of students went silent. Funny.

Well done, Sun Devils. Check out the actual segment from The Today Show at the link below.



The Today Show on NBC

The Today Show on NBC


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