ASU Football: What if Brock had stayed in 2012?
By coredevil,
April 26, 2013 4:26 PM

Needless to say, everything turned out as a “win-win” for both Brock Osweiler and the ASU Football program. But what if Brock decided to play at Sun Devil Stadium for one more year in 2012? It could have set off a chain of events that would put the Sun Devils in a very different situation than the one we have today heading into the 2013 season.

Taylor Kelly wouldn’t have gained valuable experience

As the senior returning starter, Brock would have gotten the majority of the snaps in the first transition year for new Head Coach Todd Graham. At first glance, playing Brock in the new system would reduce the risk of turnovers while having a proven leader on the field to guide the offense. Considering Taylor Kelly was in third position on the depth chart after spring practice, he would have had an even tougher battle to see playing time in 2012. As it turns out , with Brock gone, he was able to earn the starting spot, implement the new ASU offense, gain valuable experience and put up some very solid numbers (3,039 yards passing, 516 yards rushing and 29 touchdowns). Not to mention, he gained the respect of his teammates.

Former Sun Devil QB, Brock Osweiler.

Former Sun Devil QB, #17 Brock Osweiler.

ASU Football would have a different look on offense

With Osweiler not a serious running threat (don’t get me wrong, he is very athletic and can run if necessary), his speed and quickness wasn’t the perfect fit for Mike Norvell and the high octane offense. This would have given opponents one less thing to worry about and allow them to focus on the running backs and receivers. More plays would have been designed to showcase Brock’s arm strength, but with an average receiving corps, maybe more opportunities for turnovers. The play calling might have been more limited and that could have translated to some different results for wins and losses.

One or more of the current quarterbacks would have transferred

It’s crazy to think of this now, but it’s very possible that Taylor Kelly could have transferred to another school. Fighting his way up the depth chart and with plenty of existing competition with Mike Bercovici and Michael Eubank, if Brock stayed, the situation could have seemed hopeless.  As a result, the most logical thing for Kelly at the time would have been to leave ASU and start at another program. Along with Kelly, Eubank wouldn’t have seen the field much at all in 2012 and could have shared similar thoughts.  If that series of events took place, your opening day starter for the 2013 season would be Mike Bercovici. Although Berco is a very capable option, Coach Graham now has three quarterbacks on the roster that can all lead and execute.

Current Sun Devil QB, Taylor Kelly.

Current Sun Devil QB, Taylor Kelly.

Brock would have been drafted in the second round or lower in 2013

Since only one quarterback was taken in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft, and the ones that are still available aren’t getting NFL teams too excited, this would have most likely meant a lower draft position for Osweiler if he came out this year instead of last. Also, it would have been tough to eclipse his 4,000+ passing yards in 2012 in a new system with a new coach, without Gerrell Robinson and Aaron Pflugrad catching his passes. Also, if he waited another year, he wouldn’t have found himself in the fortunate position with the Denver Broncos where he got to sit and watch in 2012, and learn from one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, Peyton Manning. It’s hard to imagine a better situation for Brock moving forward.

Looking back, I was one of the people that was very surprised when Brock made his announcement to enter the NFL draft in 2012. It seemed to make perfect sense for him to return to ASU and lead the new direction of the football program under Coach Graham. As it turns out, Brock made the right decision for himself and the ASU Football program, and set off the chain of events that we have today: A confident starting quarterback with experience and success that the team and fans can believe in for a promising 2013 season…Mr. Taylor Kelly.

Brock just tweeted this Photo. @BrockOsweiler 17's back!! Appreciate @Acaldwell17 making the trade. #LYL

Brock just tweeted this Photo from the Denver Broncos locker room. @BrockOsweiler 17’s back!! Appreciate @Acaldwell17 making the trade. #LYL

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