Keely’s Got Game: ASU Freshman Photographer Soaks up Life in Tempe
Mike Howell
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February 12, 2014 5:01 PM
Keely Mc Manaman at home in Huntington Beach

Sun Devil Freshman, Keely Mc Manaman, at home in Huntington Beach

Arizona State’s student body will always be an integral part of the fan base. They are, after all, classmates of the Sun Devil student-athletes who represent ASU. Their involvement with Sun Devil football & athletics along with their overall experience at ASU sets the stage for them to become engaged, life long Sun Devils. 

I always enjoy meeting one of these newest Devils. They are a reminder of the character and talent of ASU undergraduates. It’s cool to get a sense of what ASU Football means to them, and where  they fall into the spectrum of Sun Devil Nation.

I recently came across some photos shot by Keely McManaman, an ASU freshman Communications major. I wanted to see about including them on the site and learning a little bit about her story.

Keely’s a poster child for a kid who has emersed herself in the new world of being on her own, and she’s not taking college life for granted.

“One year ago today I was diagnosed with cancer, and I decided I would get a tattoo. It includes the dates for when I was diagnosed with neck cancer and when I became cancer free in December. The font is my surgeons handwriting. He saved my life and is my hero. This means so much to me, I am beyond happy with it.”


Looking west from the bridge to Palm Walk over University Drive (photo, Keely McManaman

Looking west from the bridge to Palm Walk over University Drive (photo, Keely McManaman)

About why she chose to attend Arizona State, Keely said, “I have never been part of a school that had a lot of school spirit so this is one of the reasons that made me choose ASU. I guess you can say we had spirit at my high school, but it was kind of fake. At Arizona State, the students, professors, faculty and the whole town of Tempe is dedicated to ASU from any angle.”

There are a lot of great young people in Tempe who, even though they’ve been in school a short time, already have a lot of pride to consider themselves Sun Devils. Take a stroll down Palm Walk, and you’ll see more Maroon & Gold than ever today.

“Whether it be sports or academics, everyone is always engaged, and that is what I have always wanted in a school. I now finally have it,”  Keely said. “ASU has more to offer to me and my fellow students then I could ever imagine and that is why I am proud to be a Sun Devil.”

Even though she casually says that taking pictures is a hobby, Keely looks like a natural. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more great shots from her  as she continues her journey at ASU.

When I think back to my freshman year in Tempe, I can’t help but be excited for someone in Keely’s shoes. 



(photo, Keely McManaman)


(photo, Keely McManaman)


(photo, Keely McManaman)


(photo, Keely McManaman)


(photo, Keely McManaman)


(photo, Keely McManaman)


(photo, Keely McManaman)

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Keely McManaman got this tattoo to remember the day she was diagnosed with neck cancer and the day she became cancer-free. Forks Up, young Devil.



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