Sun Devil Jeremy Staat Takes His Game to a Higher Level
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November 7, 2012 3:23 PM

Jeremy Staat is a Sun Devil Football alum, retired NFL Pittsburgh Steeler & Iraq War veteran. Staat was a teammate & friend to Pat Tillman, and has said that when he joined the Marine Corps in 2005, part of his decision was due to his respect for Pat and the decisions he made.

I was checking my timeline on facebook today and saw a post by Jeremy Staat followed by a response from a friend. It was just a simple thought he shared at a time when divisiveness runs rampant in our politics & some pockets of society. It was a reminder of so many Sun Devils, past, present & future, who give their time, energy and influence in a way that benefits others… even if it’s just to take a moment and post something online that has a positive effect on those around them.

Staat arrives at Sun Devil Stadium on his cross-country ride. Members of the current football team look on.

Staat arrives at Sun Devil Stadium on his cross-country ride. Members of the current football team look on.

Jeremy Staat:

“I posted this on another friends page and thought it was good enough to share with you all. let me know.

People of all races died for the freedom of all Americans. White people died freeing the slaves as well. We can never move forward if we are always pointing backwards. It’s not the color, or the absents of color of an individuals skin that makes them a racist. It’s the ignorance and hate in ones heart that makes an individual a racist. Racism is not a matter of skin color or lack there of.”


Lisa Wesley- Smith:

“I recently went to Europe for an extended vacation with my husband. On the way, I had to fly into Houston for my connecting flight. I was taken by a little motor cart (due to my knee problem) to the connecting flight, and the person driving the cart was this scary looking black woman in her 40s (I think). She was scary looking due to her frowned up, and crunched up looking face, and her tone was very rough. As we talked about where I was going, she brought up ‘politics’, which I hate to discuss since people get so agitated about my personal views. I let her talk, and I just listened, and then she stopped the cart to turn around and face me. And then she shared with me how much she hated ‘white’ people, and so on and so forth. Her face contorted in such an evil look, almost demon-like, and I could feel a heaviness come all around me. It was so evil and sad at the same time. I said a silent prayer, and completely off the subject, I asked her if she had children (cont.)

ASU Coach Bruce Snyder and Jeremy Staat

ASU Coach Bruce Snyder and Jeremy Staat

“This woman’s face softened and she actually looked pleasant as she happily talked about her son and how smart he was. the atmosphere changed, her mood changed, and I thanked God for helping me to find a way to this woman’s heart, and it was through her son! People’s racist hatred with their poisonous bigotry are allowing this evil to take over them, changing not only what they look like, but who they are, and how they are infecting others around them, if others allow themselves to be drawn in and taken over by this darkness! Where are the lights in this world that reveal this darkness for what it really is….EVIL! Some people don’t believe that there is any true evil in this world, and that’s fine. Just because you refuse to believe it exist does not mean it’s not there! Those are the scared and fearful turtles on this world, sticking their heads into their shells, and ignoring the truth. But when your shell is finally taken, what will you do then? We must unite with the other LIGHTS in this world to help bring to our world… HOPE, LOVE, and UNITY!”


DieHard Devil. Are you making a difference? Prove it.

Jeremy & Janelle Staat with Coach Frank Kush




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