ASU Unveils New Plans For Sun Devil Stadium
By coredevil,
April 23, 2012 1:34 PM

By Jeff Alba for


At a press conference earlier today in Tempe, Arizona State University released the first conceptual renderings of the new plans to remodel Sun Devil Stadium.  Coach Todd Graham and Steve Patterson were on hand to introduce the plans and discuss some of the new features and designs.  Also, the stadium will stay in its current location between the buttes and “A” mountain.


The first major change that is drastically different is the massive, permanent shade covering, or partial dome feature, that will be added to the top of the stadium.  It is a very modern and different look that fans will either fall in love with because of the unique design, or really dislike because it closes the stadium and covers the blue skies in Tempe.  The purpose of the new “roof” is to provide massive amounts of shade and hopefully cool things off throughout the stadium on game days.


Once inside Sun Devil Stadium, the atmosphere will have a more intimate feel for a couple of reasons.  First, ASU is looking to reduce the seating capacity to around 60,000.  This is a good number to help sell out the games and create a full stadium with a great college game day environment.  Also, by enclosing a majority of the stadium, fans should be able to crank up the volume and really make Sun Devil Stadium a difficult place for the visitors to play.  Finally, because of the new permanent shade structure, synthetic turf will be installed as the new Frank Kush Field.


Whether or not you are a fan of the new design, major changes needed to happen to Sun Devil Stadium to stay competitive with the other Pac-12 schools.  In addition, the new Pac-12 media deal will call for more games during the day or late afternoon, and ASU needed to take that into consideration with the bright, pounding and hot sun in Tempe.  Like the new pitchfork on the helmets, I’m sure Sun Devil Nation will embrace the changes when it’s all said and done.  Especially if it helps with recruiting and Coach Graham puts a consistent winner on the field.


Thank you for your support in building a Stronger, Louder, more Unified SUN DEVIL NATION.

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