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October 29, 2011 10:12 PM

Source, Arizona State Athletics

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ASU head coach Dennis Erickson
On the game overall
“I thought we did well particularly in the first half. In a game like this you get a little sloppy in the fourth quarter but we gave our guys a chance to play. That second group on both sides played the whole fourth quarter and part of the third so they got some experience. I thought offensively we ran the football extremely well, Cameron [Marshall] and Brock [Osweiler] had a good game. It was a good game. Defensively, we got turnovers again which makes a big difference. I thought that goal line stop there in the third quarter was outstanding. In games like this, I’ve been in a whole bunch of them it’s just nice to play well and come away and win.”

On what was the difference offensively
“Finally you see Cameron Marshall pretty healthy and it is a different game when he is healthy for us offensively because the things that he can do, running the football. They were giving us the run, they were doing a lot of different things to stop some of the passing things we were doing. Cam and Colin [Parker], we had a lot of guys beat up that sucked it up and they came back in and played well. I think we have four games left and all we can worry about is UCLA next week.”

On being +11 in turnovers with 24 through the first six games
“I just hope it keeps going that’s an amazing statistic to have that many turnovers. That’s unbelievable.”

On the Colorado defense blitzing
“We picked it up both on the pass end and the run game, that’s how we had some of those big runs. You are going to see something all the time. We knew we were going to see different things; we are going to see different things from now on defensively. I don’t know that they can throw anything more than what we have seen but I thought our offensive line adjusted extremely well.”

On the secondary
“I thought all the corners and the safeties played well, unfortunately Deveron Carr went down with a concussion, I don’t know what he will be like for next week which kind of puts us right down to the nitty gritty here. Our secondary has jumped up and played extremely well and done what we have asked. They are being well coached. They are just playing well, they are part of a defensive unit and they know what their job is and they are doing a good job with it.”

On recruiting
“It has been real positive out there. In California, Arizona and Texas and the places we are going, we have lots of momentum going on in recruiting.”

Safety- Keelan Johnson
On his interception
“My interception was having the ability top read the quarterback and the linebackers having great drops which allowed me to be a free player and use the best of my abilities to do what I needed to do.”

RB- Cameron Marshall
On the way the team played after a bye week
“We came out really focused, I know in the past years we come out of bye weeks kind of flat. This year we really stressed that we need to come out focused and ready to go and I think that is what we did.”

On ankle updates
“Bye week helped a lot. I am feeling great right now, probably the best I’ve felt all season. So bye week came just in time.”

On the wide open touchdown play
“I saw the hole I guess, just space. I was running, waiting for someone else to come and no one else came and I was just able to get to the end zone. Just space the O-line did a great job; one of the easiest touchdowns of my life.”

QB – Brock Osweiler
On coming out focused
“We are very determined to meet our team goals and in order to do that we have to win every game from here on out. Regardless of our opponent we are going to be ready to go and today I think we showed that. The offensive line did a tremendous job opening up holes, giving me time to throw the ball and our playmakers made big plays.”

On learning from Oregon State game
You learn lessons from every football game, whether it’s a win or a loss, but I think from Oregon State we learned how to start a football game, how to be prepared and how to execute. I think we did a great job of doing that tonight.”

On touchdown pass to Jamal Miles
“That play with Jamal was something we had worked on all week. It was kind of an option for me to choose who I was going to send to the middle of the field. By the defenses leverage I gave Jamal that call and he did a great job of getting on that safety’s toes and crossing his face and made a great catch.”

On ASU’s maturity level
We are a veteran team and we are very hungry. We set very high goals for this football team and we haven’t forgotten that. In order to reach those goals we need to take it on a week-by-week basis and that’s what we are doing right now. I think that does show the experience and the veteran leadership that this football team has right now.”

Head Coach Jon Embree
On what the team has to play for

“We have all talked about it, but it’s been all talk and no action. We have some people who are comfortable with the results, that’s just the facts. We are comfortable at times with what happens. So I am trying to create a culture and environment where that isn’t the case and we’ll keep working on that and keep coaching the guys that want to do it, keep putting them out there to make the plays. The other ones that just want to be on the team, be around if it goes good and then decide to jump in the water when it’s not going good. We will just have to keep weeding them out.”

On how he can tell who is committed to the team
“I can tell by how they play, how they act on the sidelines, how they act after a loss like this, how they’ve acted after previous losses. Sometimes you can’t do anything about it because they are the only people we have, which is the sad thing. But I guarantee you, it’s not going to be like this in the future.”

On his plan with Tyler Hansen and how he played
“The interceptions weren’t his fault, I will start with that. I thought he played pretty well, he could have gotten rid of the ball a little quicker at times. The two interceptions weren’t his issue.”

On how Nick Hirschman played
“He was late on things, we just wanted to get him going and see how Tyler was and we felt that with how game was going we needed to get Tyler in to get things started.”

On what can be done to score more
“Don’t turn the ball over and convert when you’re down there. Don’t get down 21 to nothing.”

On getting a start after being out-manned
“I understand we’re playing shorthanded and I understand it’s not the best circumstances for us. That still doesn’t change your mindset. My mindset is to go out there and win in spite of. You can find a million reasons why you can’t, the goal is to go out there and find the one reason you can and go out there and do it. You cannot control injuries, you cannot control other team’s schedule. All you can control are your plays, how you handle the ball, how you handle your assignment and trust your teammates and hope they do the same.”

On blaming himself for not reaching some of the players
“I put a lot on myself, but at the same time you have to want to do it. Some situations we can’t make changes but like I said it’s not going to stay like this.”

On pulling Malcolm Creer out of the red-shirt and the injuries that he incurred during the game
“He’s done. MCO and possible ACL. Unbelievable, poor kid.” 

QB – Tyler Hansen
On his injury coming into the game
“They told me I was officially cleared yesterday morning. They told me I was good to go. There was no holding me back, no limiting to what I couldn’t do, no nothing. It felt good to get in there.”

On quarterback Nick Hirschman
“I thought Nick had a great week of practice. He came out here and maybe he was a little nervous. I don’t know the reasons why he was taken out so early. I think he’s fine. He’s going to be a great player for us. I just took it one play at a time and tried to get the ball out on time. I thought Arizona State’s defensive line was pretty good, so if you sat there in the pocket too long they were going to get to you and hit you.”

On the remaining games
“I think next week is a big game for us. Obviously USC is coming into town and we have an ESPN game. We’re blacking out the whole place, so it’s a lot to play for in itself. I think our last three games are games that we can win. They’re teams that are struggling just like us, so I think there’s a lot to play for.”

On trying to get their first Pac-12 victory
“We’re still trying to get there. We’re working. I think there are a couple games on the road that we have a quality chance to win, so we have to keep fighting.”

Source, Arizona State Athletics


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