Shirtless & Unstoppable: The Story Behind This DieHard Sun Devil’s Wild Ride at ASU
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August 20, 2017 11:46 AM

All my life I have been a huge fan of ASU and dreamed about attending ASU

Ahhh, to be in college again. Sun Devil Nation includes many hardcore fans and supporters. Each lives and breathes Maroon & Gold, each proving it their own way.

One fan in particular that we know you’ve seen on television or on the Sun Devil Stadium jumbotron (the old one, wink) is a character simply known as “Shirtless Q.” Keep this on the down low- his legal name is Quinton Brown.  

Over the past three years, the Sun Devil senior has quietly made a name for himself as a true DieHard. If you’re like us, you’ve wanted to learn about his story. 


It’s Shirtless Q in the Flesh


Before attending ASU, did you have any Sun Devil connections? 

Forks Up

I grew up in Idaho, but both of my parents grew up in Phoenix as Sun Devil fans. In Idaho, my brother played football against Taylor Kelly in High School who happened to be in the same grade. I always got to see them play against each other. I eventually went to high school with Taylor’s youngest sister, Madi, and became friends with her as well.


How did the whole “shirtless” thing start?

The shirtless thing started at a young age. I’ve never really liked wearing a shirt. When going to sporting events growing up, I always opted towards body paint instead of a shirt. Then when I got my pitchfork tattoo I decided I didn’t need the paint anymore.

Have you ever worn a t-shirt during an ASU game?

There have been a few situations during away games and Pac-12 tournament games where security has told me I have to wear a shirt.


Can you describe your love for the Sun Devils?

My love for the Sun Devils is hard to describe. All my life I have been a huge fan of ASU and dreamed about attending ASU. Going into the final year of my undergraduate degree, I can honestly say it has been greater than I could have ever imagined.

From the athletes that everyone cheers for, to the dining hall workers that always seem to have a smile on their face, I love everything about ASU.

I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am for the opportunities that the university and Sun Devil Athletics has given me. From being a part of the first (and only so far) student section to be featured live on the set of SportsCenter, to being on College Gameday before the Final Four this year, to the community service and lives I have gotten to touch during Sun Devil Caravans, to the love and support I get from other Sun Devils around the country and on social media, it is amazing what Arizona State has done for me.


What are the top three ASU Football games you’ve attended and why?

1) ASU at USC, 2014: One of the greatest moments in ASU history, the Jael Mary, happened in the end zone where so many ASU fans and myself were standing.

2) ASU vs UA, 2015 Territorial Cup: Who doesn’t love beating UofA, right? It was great to beat the hell out of them physically as well as on the scoreboard. Plus, I got the game ball from Berco after the game.

942 CREW on the front-page of the New York Times, Feb. 14, 2015

3) ASU vs Notre Dame, 2014: This is the only Top-10 matchup I’ve seen in person and it was one of the biggest wins in ASU history. It was great seeing someone I knew, grew up with, and looked up to all my life, Taylor Kelly, take down a college football blue-blood.


Do you have one particular fan experience that stands out above all others?

One particular experience that stands out above all others would be beating UofA in basketball my freshman year. First, I had the opportunity to be in the front-row alongside Mike Bercovici, DJ Foster, and Jordan Simone and ended up storming the court with them.

Also, one of the Curtain of Distraction skits I was in that night ended up as a story on the front page of the New York Times. The picture of me and the football guys along with a copy of that New York Times will be things that I will have hanging in my house forever. 


Feb. 7, 2015 – Arizona State Basketball vs Arizona. (From L to R) Shirtless Q, Mike Bercovici, Jordan Simone, Ellis Jefferson, and D.J.Foster. The Sun Devils upset the No. 6 Wildcats in the final seconds of the game in Tempe.

Have you personally started any new student traditions?

One tradition I have been a part of starting is 942 Crew’s Game of the Week, a concept we came up with to drive attendance at one specific sporting event each week. We determine what we feel is the most important game for the overall success of our athletic program.

We hope to have a Game of the Week for every ASU team from football all the way to our triathlon team. Another new tradition I have been a part of is bringing the Curtain of Distraction to women’s basketball.

DieHard Proof

Shirtless Q & Co. are already proving it. At Sun Devil Soccer’s opening match on Friday, the first game of ASU’s 2017-2018 Athletics campaign, 1,070 fans turned out to set a home-opener attendance record. Half of the crowd was made up of loud Sun Devil Undergrads. 

Sun Devil Soccer’s home-opener against Ohio State set a new attendance record. Unfortunately, ASU lost the Buckeyes 2-1 OT.

Have there been any new developments with the 942 Crew?

The biggest development with 942 Crew is just the bigger role we are getting within the athletic department. We began as the brainchild of former basketball coach, Herb Sendek, and now we are seen as a huge part of the department and the university as a whole.

One great example of this is our role at the Infernofest/Welcome Concert where we teach freshman and other students the cheers and traditions of Arizona State.


Does the 942 Crew have a Camp Fargo set up this year?

Because student ticketing is changing once again I do not know how much it will affect Camp Fargo. What I do know for sure is 942, as well as other passionate fans, will be out there this coming year at Camp Fargo.

The majority of the people who have inspired me have been athletes like Pat Tillman.

I feel Camp Fargo has become a great tradition at ASU and a great way to bring fans and athletes together who may not have otherwise met. It has been a great bonding experience and has given non-942 Crew students a chance to find out a little more about what we do. This has even led to many new students stepping up and joining the executive board.


What is your prediction for this upcoming season?

I expect that we will have a solid team this year that will be able to go toe-to-toe with the top-rated teams on our schedule. We will be deeper and more experienced on both sides of the ball which is always a good thing. The one thing I know for sure is that our running attack will keep defensive coordinators up at night.

The Sun Devil Inferno, ASU’s Student Section before kick-off at Sun Devil Stadium

What are you working on now, and in what field would you like to pursue a career?

Growing up I was very injury-prone so I hope to give back to the athletes of the future like my physical therapists and personal trainers did for me.

At this point, I am finishing up my degree in Exercise and Wellness and looking into postgraduate programs across the country as well as here at ASU. I hope to one day open up my own physical therapy and sports performance center where I can work with athletes of all ages to further their careers. 

In terms of what is next for my shirtlessness, I really don’t know for sure. I have had people joke with me that I should start using my chest as a marketing tool and get companies to pay for advertising. I feel like I won’t know what is next until it happens.


Has there been anyone who has inspired you, and how do you plan to take your shirtless game to a new level this year?

COLLEGE, Shirtless Q-style

The majority of the people who have inspired me have been athletes like Pat Tillman and Taylor Kelly, as well as older members of the 942 Crew such as Nick Granillo, Patrick Carlson, and Ben Havens who took me under their wing from the beginning.

Do you have a vision for what ASU’s student section could become?

Based on what the 942 Crew Executive Board has done in the five years that it has been around, I see a bright future for ASU’s student section.

Since I have been here, nearly every student attendance record has been broken for each sport at least once.

One example of the effect 942 Crew has had is breaking the season attendance record for men’s basketball last year despite it being a down year. Also seven of our sixteen home games occurred during breaks in classes (one on Thanksgiving, five during Winter Break, and one during Spring Break).

If the student presence continues to grow, and all of our teams get better/stay great, our athletic department could be one of the best in the nation across the board.

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So DieHard has just one question for Sun Devil fans. Who’s next?

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