Sparky’s Stadium Shop: More Gear, More Locations to Shop on Gameday in the House of Heat
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September 1, 2018 5:21 AM
Sun Devil Football

The 2018 Football Season is finally here!

Anyone following the Sun Devil Football program knows that the last stage of renovations to iconic Sun Devil Stadium has been underway since the spring. Today, as we count the hours until kick-off, it’s safe to say that fans attending the game will be enthused by the work completed on the east side of the House of Heat and some news involving Sparky’s Stadium Shop.

The east-side renovation, like that of the west, has been a complete rebuild from the ground up. It features new seat backs in the center sections of the lower bowl, a huge upgrade in amenities, a prestigious club level with premium seating and suites, and drumroll… added retail space for Sun Devil goods and apparel.

Sparky’s Stadium Shop is one of only a handful of brick and mortar college stadium locations operated by online powerhouse, Fanatics. Other stadium shops under their management include Texas, Clemson, LSU, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

As part of the re-imagining of Sun Devil Stadium, new locations for Sun Devil merchandise were agreed upon to offer a more complete gameday experience for fans. Simply put, there are more ways to spend your time in the House of Heat and more ways to spend your hard-earned money on the ASU products you love!

First, there’s the main Sparky’s Stadium Shop in the Carson Student Athletic Center. The lobby is home to the coveted Territorial Cup trophy, many other trophy displays, and information about legendary Sun Devil teams and athletes. The store, which is adjacent to the showroom, operates during normal business hours year-round. Fans can access the Stadium Shop from the southeast side of Sun Devil Stadium.


These are the locations to shop inside and around Sun Devil Stadium

A map of all seven retail locations available to fans on Gameday


And now for the new stuff!

New brick and mortar location at the northeast concourse above section 23

  • A new air-conditioned building
  • Features three televisions and (sshhhhh) a strategic location to get out of the heat
  • The apparel selection will be similar to that of the main store located in the lobby of the Carson Student Athletic Center


Sparky’s Discount Zone on the southeast concourse beneath Section 316

  • This mobile setup is located just steps from the elevator up to the concourse
  • The product selection focuses on families. No item exceeds $35!
  • This is also the best place to find clearance items


Two themed mobile setups


NORTHWEST: The Pat Tillman selection

  • Located in the concourse right above section 14
  • The entire selection of goods is dedicated to the legacy of Pat Tillman
  • Includes the new Sun Devil Squad t-shirt from Stay True Apparel Co.!!


The service-themed Sun Devil Squad T-Shirt from local brand, Stay True Apparel Co

The Sun Devil Squad T-Shirt


SOUTHWEST: This “Throwback” themed location is on the concourse just above section 6

  • The focus here is on vintage designs
  • Sparky and Sunburst products dominate the selection


SOUTHWEST, Outside of the stadium

Finally, there are two spots located near the Southwest entrance of Sun Devil Stadium.

The first is a new tent with a sizable selection of merchandise at what is known as the Dignity Health Southwest stairs.

The second is a trailer along Veteran’s Way where the Sol Devil’s Tailgate once was. NOTE – Plan accordingly because this is the last location approaching the stadium from the southwest where fans can get clear bags for their belongings before entering the House of Heat!


The official Sun Devil Fork



There you have it. Several new locations await for you to trade your hard-earned cash for the latest licensed Sun Devil “merch” from brands like Adidas, Original Retro Brand, New Era, Colosseum, and local Stay True Apparel Co.

Here are some helpful tips to navigate the new, fully renovated Sun Devil Stadium. #GoDevils #BeatUTSA


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