“STAY STRONG” Documentary on Sun Devil Receiver, Jaelen Strong
Mike Howell
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October 17, 2013 5:06 PM
Sun Devil #21 WR, Jaelen Strong

Sun Devil #21 WR, Jaelen Strong

After just 6 games at the college level, ASU receiver Jaelen Strong projects to possibly become one of ASU’s best receivers in decades alongside the Sun Devils all-time receiving leader, Derek Hagan.

The following is an amateur video about Jaelen Strong’s life up to his arrival at Arizona State.

The video covers stories including photo & video footage from as far back as when Jaelen was a young boy in Philadelphia. It touches on his time playing football in Pop Warner, West Philadelphia Catholic High School and Pierce Community College in Woodland Hills, CA. 

The video, titled “Stay Strong”, includes commentary from Jaelen along with his family, friends and teammates. It ends with Jaelen being dropped off at the airport for his flight to Tempe to begin college at ASU.

If nothing else, a documentary like this is a cool window into someone’s life and something that family, friends and even fans of Jaelen can view to learn more about the person wearing ASU’s #21 jersey. But there could be more at play.

(Jaelen Strong) has overcome tough life challenges and has perservired

The time and effort that goes into a small documentary like this can also provide a added tool for future employers, possibly NFL teams in Jaelen’s case, to learn more about the person they may invest millions of dollars in to represent their organization. After all, the background work by NFL teams on potential draftees is known to be an exhaustive practice.

Jaelen arrives at the airport for his flight to ASU

Jaelen arrives at the airport for his flight to ASU

I think there are some shrewd minds at work in Jaelen’s camp, and they should be commended. Through efforts like this, they’re assuring that he is known as more than simply an exceptional football player but also as a stand-up young man who has overcome tough life challenges and has perservired.

The producers of the video go by the name of  Kamera Krew, and their Twitter handle is @devkamera1.

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