Sun Devil Pat’s Territorial Cup Prediction
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November 29, 2013 11:51 PM

I see ASU scoring in at least the 30’s, maybe even the 40’s against UofA

Sun Devil Fans,

It’s time for my weekly prediction of how I think our Sun Devils will do in the Territorial Cup game against the Wildcats. So let’s begin.

ASU’s defense must try to contain Kadeem Carey, who’s probably the best running back in the country. Carey had 48 carries last week against Oregon. He will probably have 30 to 40 carries against ASU. He will also probably get between 100-150 yards rushing. The key for the ASU defense is don’t let him go crazy on you like Trung Candidate did in 1998. Make Carey work for his yardage. Also, with that many carries on back to back weeks comes fatigue. With fatigue comes the more likelihood of a fumble or two. When he puts it on the ground, ASU MUST recover the fumble. No missed opportunities for a turnover in this game.

The ASU defense must catch the ball when B.J. Denker misses his receivers. No dropped interceptions. ASU’s defense needs to contain Denker in the pocket. He is not as effective inside the pocket as he is outside of it. Don’t let Denker roll left, break containment and get outside of the tackle box where he can hurt you running or passing. If ASU can keep Denker in the pocket, then he is less accurate throwing the football, and the likelihood of an interception goes up. ASU’s defensive front must get a push against Arizona’s offensive line, or it could be a long night.


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Special Teams will be crucial yet again in the Territorial Cup

Taylor Kelly had a great game last week. He was very accurate throwing the football, and made good decisions when pulling the ball and running it on the read option. He needs to have the same type of game tonight for ASU. The offensive line needs to control the line of scrimmage against a much improved Wildcat defense from 2012. If they can, then I see ASU scoring in at least the 30’s, maybe even the 40’s.

ASU’s running backs are a concern mainly because it doesn’t sound like Marion Grice will play. It’s time for D.J. Foster and Deantre Lewis to step up and show everybody that they can carry the load in Grice’s absence. I know there have been concerns with Deantre Lewis this year with his fumbling. He needs to have ball security as his number one priority tonight. Anyone who’s been around this rivalry for any amount of time knows that the team that turns the ball over the least, usually wins this game. I firmly believe that ASU is the better team, however, it’s a rivalry game and none of that matters.

I’ve followed this rivalry since 1970. A lot of these games have been decided by a special teams play, one way or the other. I don’t think ASU needs to win this game with special teams, just don’t lose it with a special teams play. The keys for victory tomorrow night are as follows:


1) Start fast, if ASU gets off to a good start, then the sold out Sun Devil Stadium will become a hornets nest. It’s not easy to play here as a visiting team when that environment exists. It’s important to get an early lead and keep the pressure on the Wildcats.

2) Limit turnovers to no more than one. As I stated earlier, the team that turns it over the least, usually wins this game.

3) Don’t get beat on special teams. It’s important for ASU to be sound in special teams. Don’t get a kick blocked, don’t muff a punt, don’t give up a big return. Once again, you don’t need to win the game on special teams, just don’t lose it on special teams.


With all that being said, ASU is the better team and they just need to go prove it tonight! ASU 34 Arizona 24 Go Sun Devils!

SD Pat

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