The #2 Most Controversial Moment in Territorial Cup History: The Gable-Greer Incident (1996)
Shane Dale
By Shane Dale,
November 28, 2013 5:23 PM
Will the Cup stay home in Tempe in 2014?

Will the Cup stay home in Tempe in 2014?

The #2 Most Controversial Moment in Territorial Cup History:

With a commanding five-touchdown lead over the Wildcats in the fourth quarter, ASU quarterback Jake Plummer’s attempt to add to the lead led to the ugliest in-game incident in Territorial Cup history.

The undefeated Sun Devils had already secured a place in their second-ever Rose Bowl, but made sure that they also remained in the picture for a national championship by pummeling the Wildcats in Tucson. Toward the end of the game, Plummer threw a pass that was intercepted in the end zone by UA’s Mikal Smith, who returned it the length of the field for a meaningless touchdown.


2 Days until Lift-off

Saturday Night, Sun Devil Stadium

But what ensued a good 30 yards behind the play still carries a great deal of meaning for both schools, as ASU offensive lineman Glen Gable clipped Wildcat linebacker Daniel Greer from behind, causing severe damage to Greer’s knee. The incident led to a sideline-clearing brawl that required the police to intervene and Gable’s family to be escorted from Arizona Stadium.

After the brawl, UA Coach Dick Tomey and ASU Coach Bruce Snyder took to the airwaves and asked both fan bases for a more civil tone in the rivalry going forward. As to whether those pleas have been successful? You be the judge.

Territorial quote:

“I remember my parents were in the stands for that game. My mom and brother were wearing my jersey. They sent a sheriff’s officer up to have my parents and brother take off my jersey, and they also escorted them the remainder of the game. I actually wrote an apology letter to Daniel and Coach Tomey. I felt bad. I didn’t want to hurt the guy.”

-ASU offensive tackle Glen Gable (1994-97)

Shane Dale is the author “Territorial: The History of the Duel in the Desert.



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