UNIFORMITY Installment 6: Back in Black at Sun Devil Stadium
By Cole Streeper,
October 8, 2015 4:28 PM
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QB Mike Bercovici, playing in ASU’s Desert Hammer alternate uniform at UCLA

A Week in Review

Before we get into the Sun Devils coming back in black for this Saturday’s game, let’s first review last week. ASU dropped the hammer in Pasadena both in debuting their new, Desert Hammer gray helmets and pants, and in their dominating effort against UCLA.

I mentioned last week that I was unsure how I would like the Gray Hammer Helmet/White Ice Jersey/Gray Hammer Pant combination, but it looked incredible whether under the light of the California sunset, or the lights of the Rose Bowl.

I’m well aware that there is a “Maroon and Gold” faction out there. Believe me, I’ve heard you, the equipment staff has heard you, and you matter.

I know that the Sun Devil Equipment staff has tried to get creative with copper and gray and still implement maroon and gold, but it clashed too much. In fact, while I admittedly loved this uniform, believe me when I say that maroon and gold will always reign supreme to me. I respect your love of our true colors, but with warmest regards, I ask you to consider how well these alternates represent our state and our school.


Sun Devil Receiver, #15 Devin Lucien

Sun Devil Receiver, #15 Devin Lucien


The oversized pitchfork, asymmetric helmet style was utilized again, making that 4 out of the 5 games this season. The only time we’ve seen the standard sized pitchforks this season was in our Gold/Maroon/Gold combo in the home opener against Cal Poly.

I was afraid the Gray helmet and pant with the White jersey wouldn’t make for a complete look this week, but I was gleefully wrong. The Desert Ice jersey wowed again as the Desert Hammer exuded a blue-collar toughness that translated into the play on the field. Arizona State’s latest alternate uniform and their performance at the Rose Bowl were both resounding successes.

Desert Hammer/Desert Ice Mix Uniform Grade: A


The Week to Come

The Blackout game has always attracted large, rowdy crowds to Sun Devil Stadium.

Colorado is coming into town this weekend, and they will be walking into one of the more difficult atmospheres in college football: An Arizona State Blackout at night. That’s right, the original alternate uniform and promotional night is coming back to Sun Devil Stadium, and the timing couldn’t be better.

Coming off the big win against UCLA, the Sun Devils will be squaring off against a much improved Colorado team that posed some challenges for Oregon last week. The Blackout game has always attracted large, rowdy crowds to Sun Devil Stadium, and that formula will need to be in effect once again.

Although this match-up doesn’t have the same appeal as Wisconsin or Missouri, I encourage all Sun Devil fans to go to this game. This is an opportunity to show our solidarity with this Sun Devil team before they take off on the road to Salt Lake City. Blacking out Sun Devil Stadium would provide a great deal of encouragement for the players and coaches alike.

The team will be wearing all black. I reviewed the black jerseys and pants in the first installment of UNIFORMITY, and there aren’t any surprises as far as the jerseys and pants are concerned, however the helmet was a mystery until Wednesday.

The Sun Devil Equipment staff released that the helmet will be a matted black helmet with the oversized pitchfork, asymmetric design. In this case, the pitchfork outline will be gold as will the players’ numbers on the helmets.




There has been some rumblings … about scheduling the Blackout against the Black and Gold Colorado Buffaloes.

Just as there was concern with scheduling the Maroon Monsoon for USC, a team with a dark red primary color, there has been some rumblings amongst the ASU fan base about scheduling the Blackout against the Black and Gold Colorado Buffaloes.

The choice also raised eyebrows considering all Blackout games in the past were reserved for marquee match-ups against strong opponents. Colorado, conversely, has been at the bottom of the Pac 12 South ever since joining the conference in 2011.

Blackout matte helmets with oversized gold pitchfork

Blackout matte helmets with oversized gold pitchfork

There are a couple of defenses for this choice. First, with a military based alternate to come for Oregon, and an unspecified alternate for the Duel in the Desert, it came down to the Homecoming game against Washington, or Colorado for the Blackout.

I actually like the choice for a couple of reasons. First of all, one unforeseen reason is that it will generate enthusiasm at a point in the season where the team really needs it. Second, the game takes place during ASU’s Fall Break and will generate more interest with many of the students going home for a short vacation.

I know I’ve made mention of the use, or overuse, of the oversized pitchfork this season. I’m a proponent of balance, but I am ecstatic to see the large fork on the helmet this weekend. It is long overdue for the black helmet, and I am excited to see how it translates on the field at Sun Devil Stadium.

I think the Blackout will carry momentum from the win over UCLA into a raucous ASU crowd, a crowd that will help lead the Sun Devils to a big victory.


Fantasy Combo of the Week

Uniformity 6 Fantasy Combo


Cole Streeper is a lifelong Sun Devil and an Arizona State graduate of 2010. He has always been passionate about ASU Football and that passion has only grown with time. You can follow Cole on Twitter at @sundevilcole7.




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