UNIFORMITY Installment 10: Senior Sun Devils Choose Uniform
By Cole Streeper,
November 12, 2015 1:11 PM

4613_arizona_state_sun_devils-wordmark-2012A Week in Review

As I officiate this section of this week’s UNIFORMITY, I will examine very carefully as the previous week’s uniforms will be “Under Review.” I promise the results will be fairer, better thought out, and more correct than if a Pac 12 ref was writing this article.

Coming off a week where the Sun Devils blew the collective minds of Sun Devil Nation with a traditional, Pat Tillman inspired Sparky throwback, the equipment staff kept it traditional on the road. The team carried the school colors loud and proud in Pullman, donning a Gold helmet/White jersey/Gold pant.

The helmets featured the standard sized forks, leaving the gold helmet as the only of the four standard helmets (gold, maroon, black, white) that has not featured the oversized pitchfork. The white jerseys and gold pants rounded out the combo giving the Sun Devils an unmistakable ASU away look.


ASU - Washington State 2015

ASU – Washington State 2015


The Gold/White/Gold combo was a great way to give Arizona State fans a traditional away look in a season that has seen a lot of innovation in the road uniforms.

At Washington State Road Uniform Grade: A-


The Week to Come

It has become tradition over the past couple of years that the seniors get to choose the uniform combination for the last home game of the year. This year, however, that has been moved up to this Homecoming game against Washington because this year’s Territorial Cup will feature an alternate jersey.

Our Sun Devils seniors have chosen to wear Black Helmet/Black Jersey/Gold Pant combination at the Huskies on Saturday afternoon. The black helmets will feature the oversized pitchfork, asymmetric look that debuted during the blackout against Colorado earlier this season.

This is the only time outside of the Blackout that we’ve seen the black jerseys. The gold “Sun Devils” text and the gold numbers outlined in maroon will bring the classic ASU flavor to the black base.

The gold pants bring together the ensemble and with the maroon fork outlined in black on the left thigh ties together the uniform as a whole. This week’s gloves and cleats both black with gold accents.



I love these elements and how they are being utilized. The color combination is the same as that which was worn against UCLA in 2012. It isn’t my favorite color combo as it smacks of Mizzou or Steelers colors, but with the oversized fork, it is uniquely ASU which definitely brings me around.

This is the seniors’ choice as well which I think is an important tradition as it makes sure the seniors feel appreciated and shows the underclassmen and potential recruits how valued they will be once they become dedicated Sun Devils. Be sure to show up and wear gold for Homecoming as we watch the team take the field in the seniors’ choice and as the program pays homage to the 1975 undefeated team.


Fantasy Combo of the Week

This week’s fantasy combo pairs a maroon lid with a black jersey and black pants. The black pitchfork on the helmet is there to accent the black jersey, while the gold pitchfork on the pants ties the rest of the uniform together. The cleats and gloves are both a black base with maroon highlights. Hope you all like it!


Uniformity 10 Fantasy Combo

Cole Streeper is a lifelong Sun Devil and an Arizona State graduate of 2010. He has always been passionate about ASU Football and that passion has only grown with time. You can follow Cole on Twitter at @sundevilcole7.


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