The Devils Den Podcast

Episode 106: January 21, 2015

A better late than never recap of the Sun Bowl is followed by a breakdown of what’s been happening on the recruiting trail through the month of January. The discussion turns to D.J. Foster staying, Jaelen Strong leaving, as well as the other underclassmen in the Pac-12 giving a shot at NFL glory. Band of the Week: Murder by Death.

Episode Breakdown

Music provided by Murder by Death

3:08 Sun Bowl recap
14:17 Recruiting recap
44:45 Pac-12 Bowl season and final rankings
58:10 Pac-12 Underclassmen declaring early
1:12:27 Seniors preparing for NFL Draft
1:20:15 Band of the Week: Murder by Death
1:20:56 What we’re drinking

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More Episodes

Episode 105: December 22, 2014

        Two weeks of bowl practices means it’s time for the boys to discuss redshirts, freshmen, and who might step up in 2015, before Don’s recap of the recruiting trail over the past week headlined by receiver Cordell Broadus, son of Snoop Dogg.  And finally the preview of the Devils trip to El Paso to play in the Sun Bowl for the Battle to be named The True Devils is broken down in depth.


Episode Breakdown

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Music provided by Palm Trees and Power Lines


5:24 - News & Notes
23:51 - Recruiting recap
44:36 - Band of the Week: Palm Trees and Power Lines
46:00 - Sun Bowl preview
1:05:00 - What we’re drinking



Thank you for listening to this episode and GO DEVILS!

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Episode 104: December 17, 2014

3:20 - What Adidas brings to ASU
16:10 - Recruiting recap
31:01 - Devils Den Deliberations
1:29:55 - Band of the Week: 3PM
1:31:10 - Pac-12 bowl season preview

Episode 103: December 3, 2014

4:46 Recap of ASU 35 – UofA 42
33:59 This week on the recruiting trail
1:04:41 Pac-12 Week 14 Recap
1:29:48 Band of the Week: Corvus
1:32:30 #DevilsDen100 contest winner
1:34:25 Pac-12 Championship Preview
1:43:51 What we’re drinking

Episode 102: November 26, 2014

7:40 #DevilsDen100 Listener Contest
9:00 Recap of ASU 52 – Washington State 31
30:52 Pac-12 Week 13 Recap
43:00 This week on the recruiting trail
51:16 Matt Moreno –
1:12:06 Band of the Week: RAC
1:13:10 What we’re drinking
1:19:28 ASU at UofA Preview
1:40:36 Jared Cooper with De’Marieya Nelson

Episode 101: November 19, 2014

3:55 - #DevilsDen100 Listener Contest
6:26 - Recap of Oregon State 35 – ASU 27
44:37 - Pac-12 Week 12 Recap
53:26 - This week on the recruiting trail
1:02:01 - Jacob Thorpe –
1:18:21 - Band of the Week: Whitney Morgan and the 78’s
1:20:14 - WSU at ASU Preview
1:21:18 - Jared Cooper with Mo Latu
1:52:23 - What we’re drinking

About the Devils Den

Welcome to the ASU Devils Den! The Devils Den started back in 2000 when a group of college students met in the front rows of ASU Athletics sporting events. We were those guys. The way too early guys who would be in the front row of the student section yelling, hollering, sweating off face paint, and leading cheers. The Devils Den supported all athletics: basketball front rows, baseball games right at the visitors on-deck circle, volleyball, soccer… We were always around supporting our Sun Devils.


However, football is our passion. It’s the heart and soul of “Devils Den” members, and the sport that brought us together and continues to bring us together even though we have graduated, gotten jobs, and moved to different parts of the United States. At first it was really long cell phone conversations between “Devils Den” members keeping in touch. Next, it was really long emails exchanged every week. Year-round the conversations typically revolved around everything Arizona State football. Now, in 2014, after three successful years doing the podcast, the conversations continue to be held during each and every podcast episode because we want to share our love for the university and our love of football with all of Sun Devil nation. The podcast is hosted by Rob Malara and Don Hansen. Two normal, hard-working, Sun Devil alumni, who are passionate about ASU Athletics and want to see an annually successful Pac-12 football program.

Rob Malara is a 2002 Sun Devil grad having spent the majority of his time in Tempe as a football, basketball, and baseball season ticket holder and front row inhabitant.  Rob hosts the podcast and is its sub-optimal technical producer.  Currently the president of the ASU Alumni Association’s Northern Colorado Club, he is part of a family of maroon and gold residing in Fort Collins, Colorado with his Sun Devil wife and nearby Sun Devil sister.

Don Hansen is a 2003 graduate of Arizona State University where he spent four years sitting in the front rows of many ASU athletic events leading the rowdy student section. Now, Don co-hosts the podcast covering every detail of ASU football. Don works and resides in Gilbert, Arizona with his gorgeous Sun Devil wife and two beautiful daughters.

We have… Sweated in line outside the stadium, waiting for the gates roll up, to sprint into the stadium and get front row seats… Strolled down Palm Walk in the spring with eyes wide open… Transitioned from Snyder to Koetter to Erickson to Graham… Graduated in Wells Fargo Arena… Tailgated in the parking lots as students and now as alums… Celebrated numerous huge wins as well as been crushed by a few heart-crushing losses through the years! We are Sun Devils through and through! We are not affiliated with any radio stations or TV stations. We don’t have to monitor what we say or how we say it. We are going to provide solid insight, honest opinions, and hard analysis on the Pac-12 and ASU’s football program each week. And we want you, our listeners and members of Sun Devil nation, to give us feedback and input along the way.