Any Given Sunday – Al Pacino Speech: Inch by inch, play by play with subtitles ENG and SPA

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Sometimes you need a boost of energy and inspiration and this video makes it for me, it applies to any circumstances, personal, professional any problem can be resolved Inch by inch play by play.

Incredible job to Al Pacino and Oliver Stone to transmit with such passion the words of John Logan and Daniel Pyne.

Video Transcript

i don't know what to say reallythree minutesto obey his battle of our professional livesall comes down to todayin herewe heroas a teamwho are going to comeinch by inch play-by-playswordfishorganelle right nowwhich is stayinefficient kicked out of uswe can fight laid backinto the lightwe can't climb autoone-inch at a timenow i can do it for youat alli look around i see these young faces and i thinkprimate everyone shores of middle-aged man to manhai andthis away all my moneybelieve it or notby juries often anyone who's ever love melightly and hei can't even stand the face i saved himthe knowledge and although i dothings did take it fromrealizes this that's part of lifebottomthe only learned that and when you start lose themdefined up life's is gingrich'sresource for themdoes he need a gamelight for football mythological error is so smallmy mainone-half as that you're able to really be if you don't quite make itlast-second resulting fastmail quite gadgetgauges we need by everywhere around usthere in every branch of the gameevery minute every secondso i think we find for that ison this team we tell ourselves and everyone else around us chuck cases butadage aarnazfollowing-upwhen we had on auditionsthat's going on and off under president reagan youhe has had a finethis and iwho's willing to die was going to win that each of youand i know i don't have any lightingis because i'll still well in just fine and i fail at itautothat's what i meant data services has been fully embracenot endangeredwar that i wanted to getdelegate who is honest and now i think you're going to see any timewill go on that issuevoted out there and i think i don'twho will sacrifice himself for this evening because he knows that when itcomes out i'm not going to do this anxietydendritestainted gentleman who knowsdo you know we don't knowthirteen gamewell we will tryas individualsthat's football gamespoliticianstaffetawhat are you going to dothe

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